Renaissance Fair

Renaissance Fair
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Friday, August 27, 2010

Spin Class

Spin Story 
I have been going to the gym for a long time. I have become quite a good weight lifter and indoor cardio buff for about 5 years now. I lost tons of weight before my wedding by upping my cardio and was very excited to be in a great groove. Then, I started to get into a rut. I was learning a few new things for lifting but not enough to empower me to keep going. 
Lifting and cardio takes about 1 1/2 hours. With working and school it was hard to spend that much time at the gym so I just wasn't going..... I needed something new to jump start my motivation. 
Then... one day.... my friend Tara said she was joining my gym and starting spin classes. She suggested that I join her. What did I think of spin class? It is cardio and I'm a weight lifter. I enjoy doing weights more. Plus, it looked like a cult. Really.
Well, I met her at the gym one day. I had a really nice teacher help me get adjusted correctly on the bike. Unfortunately, she just taught a class and left. In walked a new spin lady.
Well, we started to spin and Tara was giving me tips on where to put my hands and posture. The spin lady basically YELLED at us to not talk because it was distracting others. REALLY LADY! This is suppose to be fun. She was very angry and intense while constantly getting off her bike! Can she not handle the whole time on her bike? I kept thinking, "Get on there and work as hard as me!" 
Well, Tara assured me that others were better than her. After many classes I realized she was right!
This is my favorite thing to do! I love to go in for an hour, leave, and be done! It is great motivation and I can fit it in my schedule a lot easier. It is much easier to make a spin class then to go to a packed and full weight lifting room in the evening after work. I still lift but just on the weekend now. 
Tara and I now have a great spin schedule and great names for our spin people! 
That uncool lady is the "Evil Spin Lady", then "Crazy James", then "Nice and Fun Girl", then "Hip Hop Lady",  then "My Music Lady" and I feel like I am missing one. 
Either way! Tara and I now meet weekly and do these classes! It is a blast and my new favorite thing!

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Music on the Mountain

Last Sunday we had so much fun! We decided to go to Mt. Lemmon and see the musical performances. Music on the Mountain is a program that occurs every Sunday. You can head up there and relax listening to some music. 
I have never been to Mt. Lemmon before, I know WHAT! That's what everyone says. "How could you have never been to Mt Lemmon?!?!?!" Well, it just never came up. So finally we took the journey up the mountain up some friends.
It took longer than I thought. I guess to me the mountains look small because of all of my visits to Denver. So I assumed it wouldn't take as long as it did. 
Instantly as we went up the temperature changed. That was the best part! We drove up looking at the forest covered mountain and beautiful rock sculptures. Such a great sight!
Finally getting up there it was PACKED! After the boys the dropped the girls off (how nice :) They went and parked. We grabbed a couple beers, found a spot on the mountain, and listened to music. 
Unfortunately the music was a specific band. We were hoping for a cover band. It would have been much nicer to know some of the songs that were played. 
Jack had his phone out the whole time when we were sitting up the mountain a little. He was hoping to catch a fall. After people who probably there a long time drinking we assumed someone would fall climbing up the mountain. We were close!!!! A man dropped all his food and slid a little. I am not sure why he had his hands full starting to up the mountain anyway. Sounds like trouble to me! But, everyone was safe. 
The storm!
After a couple drinks we decided to leave for lunch. I am so glad we did!!! As we were going down the mountain it started to STORM! We had hail, thunder, lightning! Had we waited longer to leave we would have been drenched sitting out there. 
We drove the whole way down not stopping. We are veteran bad weather drivers. We made it successfully down.  
The trip to Mt. Lemmon was fun and relaxing! Can't wait to do it again!  

Casey and Jack
Josh and Alicia

Friday, August 13, 2010

Day 1

I see many blogs and think.. "how cute." It is such a cute idea to have a blog post. Everyone back home will know exactly what is going on in our lives. But, only people with kids have blog posts. NOT ANYMORE! Jack and I have busy and interesting lives that are just as eventful, yet in a different way, then those families with kids. 
Here start our journey as a couple on a path through life. We have many experiences that we go through together. Everyday makes us stronger and more supportive of each other. 
Here's to the life of My Lord and Lady Rudzena and our travels.. (You knew I would tie in the Renaissance, didn't you?)