Renaissance Fair

Renaissance Fair
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Saturday, August 21, 2010

Music on the Mountain

Last Sunday we had so much fun! We decided to go to Mt. Lemmon and see the musical performances. Music on the Mountain is a program that occurs every Sunday. You can head up there and relax listening to some music. 
I have never been to Mt. Lemmon before, I know WHAT! That's what everyone says. "How could you have never been to Mt Lemmon?!?!?!" Well, it just never came up. So finally we took the journey up the mountain up some friends.
It took longer than I thought. I guess to me the mountains look small because of all of my visits to Denver. So I assumed it wouldn't take as long as it did. 
Instantly as we went up the temperature changed. That was the best part! We drove up looking at the forest covered mountain and beautiful rock sculptures. Such a great sight!
Finally getting up there it was PACKED! After the boys the dropped the girls off (how nice :) They went and parked. We grabbed a couple beers, found a spot on the mountain, and listened to music. 
Unfortunately the music was a specific band. We were hoping for a cover band. It would have been much nicer to know some of the songs that were played. 
Jack had his phone out the whole time when we were sitting up the mountain a little. He was hoping to catch a fall. After people who probably there a long time drinking we assumed someone would fall climbing up the mountain. We were close!!!! A man dropped all his food and slid a little. I am not sure why he had his hands full starting to up the mountain anyway. Sounds like trouble to me! But, everyone was safe. 
The storm!
After a couple drinks we decided to leave for lunch. I am so glad we did!!! As we were going down the mountain it started to STORM! We had hail, thunder, lightning! Had we waited longer to leave we would have been drenched sitting out there. 
We drove the whole way down not stopping. We are veteran bad weather drivers. We made it successfully down.  
The trip to Mt. Lemmon was fun and relaxing! Can't wait to do it again!  

Casey and Jack
Josh and Alicia

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